Ak Bars – CSKA: forecast and bet by Maxim Lebedev

Ak Bars – CSKA: forecast and bet by Maxim Lebedev

Hello, friends! I am glad to welcome you to the Rating of Bookmakers, or rather, in the part of it where they talk about hockey, only about hockey and about nothing but hockey. The regular season is coming to an end, that is, as one commentator from Match-TV correctly noted, “the closer the end, the more the teams are afraid for their point”. You can talk about the upcoming playoffs, but it’s scary: suddenly Andrey Nazarov remembers something about you – and hello to your parents. Therefore, we will talk about the playoffs in due time, but for now we are talking about the last round of the regular season, or rather, about the match Ak Bars CSKA. As they say, where we started, so we end, we had an opening match in September, and now we have a closing.

The disposition looks quite simple: CSKA is one point behind, which means that CSKA players need to win for an overall victory in the KHL regular championship. Moreover, it is not even necessary in the main time, since in terms of additional indicators they surpass Kazan citizens. But here completely different nuances come into play, let’s say, pre-layoff. Both teams are currently under serious pressure. Both, if they are going to play in the final, must keep these loads at least until the middle of the first round of the playoffs. But both head coaches probably have a great desire now to let the team go a little, to win the regular season – and then we’ll see.

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It turns out that the victory in the regular season will go to those who will now lose the extra load. This team will certainly gain a tactical advantage by winning the regular season and gaining the advantage of their site in the first stage of the playoffs, but they will almost certainly lose strategically, when there may simply be no strength left for the entire final. Of course, we can say that you still have to live to see the Gagarin Cup final, but let’s be honest: you see a different final in 2021 than the confrontation between CSKA and Ak Bars, the two sole winners of their conferences?

Considering the above, there is a very interesting picture: which of the coaches, in fact, falters, chases after the fleeting to the detriment of the strategic one, he will win the last match of the regular season. It seems to me that both will not flinch, that we will face a very low-performing draw, since the leaders are already playing in the playoff format: that is, they score little and concede even less. Therefore, the result is 1: 1, maximum 2: 2 – it will be the very thing. And who is lucky there in the three by three format or in a series of post-match shootouts – there is already sheer fortune-telling. And I’m thinking about the “big Tatars”, if only because they deserve victory in the regular season with their entire difficult season.

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